ISO 9001:2015ISO 9001:2015 517.740.4437

Non-Haz 32 & 46

Non-Hazardous hydraulic fluid that increases lubricity with wear, while protecting high-temperature machines from corrosion.

Unlike other water-based lubrications, Non-Haz 32 & 46 are globally accepted, ground-breaking formulas that enhance overall performance.  Non-Haz 32 & 46 make a great alternative for straight oil replacement when designing and building your new machines.


Download the Non-Haz 32 Spec Sheet

Download the Non-Haz 46 Spec Sheet

Non-Hazardous & EPA Excepted

Our revolutionary formula is non-hazardous, non-toxic and diethylene glycol free. Because of this, our fluid does not require hazardous waste removal.

No Flushing Required

Compatible with other water-based hydraulic fluids, start using Non-Haz 32 & 46 without the hassle of flushing and cleaning your system. Simply add it to the existing fluid.

Environmentally Friendly

The innovative formula is not harmful to the environment. If a leak gets into the area’s water supply, you will not be subject to fines or fees.

Increased Lubricity

By increasing lubricity with wear it extends pump life in systems operating under high pressure or overloaded conditions.

Heat Transfer

The exceptional heat transfer properties can keep up with the highest temperature machines without breaking down under the high-stress environment.

Corrosion Protection

The fluid’s advanced properties work in alignment with hydraulic systems to prevent corrosion and deterioration of the machine.


Globally Accepted

Complies with United States Steel Requirement No. 171

Complies with ASTM D2882 Eaton-Vickers V104C pump test

Replaces hazardous products for ISO 9001:2015 Risk Based Thinking compliance