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Fire Resistance

Is a Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluid Necessary?

Hydraulic fluids are tasked with many things, from protecting against wear to maintaining lubricity and decreasing corrosion. Do you really need to add another task into the mix to make it fire resistant? If your business falls within the die-casting, foundry, or metalworking industries, then you are at an increased risk for fire ignition and should always be utilizing a fluid that suppresses fire.

Environmental Triggers for Fire

Implementing a fire-resistant hydraulic fluid should always be considered when hot surfaces and an ignition source are near the lubricant. Just one drop of hydraulic fluid on a hot surface can engulf an entire machine in flames. This is why fluids with a poor flashpoint should never be utilized in die-casting machines, presses, rolling mills, or furnace controls.

If your business operates hydraulic systems under high pressure, then it is imperative to implement a hydraulic fluid that is fire resistant. Pressurized lubricants, like hydraulic lines, frequently leak under pressure, causing a fine spray of hydraulic fluid to enter the air. If open flames or other machines that run hot are nearby, then you have the perfect catalyst for a devastating fire.


When choosing a fire-resistant hydraulic fluid, you need to pay attention to the Factory Mutual (FM) certification, or lack thereof. Hydraulic fluids are tested using the FM 6930 standard to categorize their flammability characteristics.

Determine the limitations and strengths of a fluid when referencing this certification. It is imperative to find a fluid whose results align with your operating conditions, as each fire-resistant hydraulic fluid has a different flashpoint. Fluids are tested based upon the following: determination of the chemical heat-release rate of a highly atomized spray of the fluid, measurement of the critical heat flux for ignition of the fluid, and calculation of the fluid’s spray flammability parameter (SFP).

Discover the Right Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluid

A go-to hydraulic fluid for many companies, especially those in the die-cast industry, Non-Haz FRHF 46’s groundbreaking formula is exactly what your company needs. It was specifically created for use in casting machines and roll balance hydraulics, and for those machines that preform at high temperatures. Non-Haz FRHF 46 contains the perfect amount of water to suppress a fire, while remaining concentrated enough to complete the toughest of jobs.

Extensive research and testing went into this Factory Mutual–approved formulation to provide premium lubrication for your hydraulic machines while resisting wear and fire. Consideration for every application and industry that operates machines under high pressure was given when designing Non-Haz FRHF-46. Feel confident operating under extreme pressure with a fluid that has a flashpoint >350⁰ C. This is far greater than our glycol counterparts.

See firsthand the difference Non-Haz FRHF 46 makes for your operation with a free pump test. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your complimentary test!

See first hand the difference Non-Haz FRHF 46 makes for your operation with a free pump test. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your complimentary test!