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Optimal Performance.

Optimal for the Environment.

Featuring Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid : Non-Haz FRHF 46

Replaces hazardous products for ISO 9001:2015 Risk Based Thinking compliance.

Free of hazardous chemicals, full of performance. Non-Haz FRHF 46 and Non-Haz 32 & 46 were formulated to enhance performance without the toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment and require hazardous waste removal. Gain the advantage of a fire resistant hydraulic fluid with our flagship product – Non-Haz FRHF 46. Why use a fluid that’s less hazardous, when your fluid can be completely free of hazards? The water-based fluids’ combination of non-corrosive, anti-wear, and lubrication components extend overall pump life, and lower maintenance costs and downtime.

Contact our specialists to increase performance without the hassle of hazardous waste removal by using Non-Haz FRHF 46 and Non-Haz 32 & 46 hydraulic fluid.